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Sports Superstars

23 sports are catered for at Decathlon Sports Superstores across the country and all goods movements are handled using Edmolift model TT3000WS Lorry Loaders. These versatile lifts are designed to be suitable for all manner of delivery vehicles from a Transit Van to an Articulated Lorry or Double Deck Trailer. The lift is safe to use with no special training or licence being required and nine roll cages can be off loaded in a single movement saving time for these extremely busy retail park stores. Decathlon have 10 UK stores all operating Edmolift Lorry Loaders with more stores planned for the near future.

Towering Strength

The newly refurbished Euston Tower in London is benefiting from the installation of three Lorry Loaders. This basement installation serves all 15 floors of this modern office and leisure complex. Due to the variety of loads being delivered each lift is fitted with three exits to suit all types and sizes of container, pallet, roll cage and parcel. With a 3000Kg capacity and heavy duty package these lifts are ready for anything!

All Loading Bays Catered For

Catering giant Compass Group uses this Edmolift TS2000BLL Lorry Loader at its training centre in Crawley. The lift is used for both goods in and waste out. A fixed height dock was in operation previously but it didnít provide the flexibility the company required. Now vehicles of any height and type can be loaded and off loaded. The lift can also be used to transfer loads from ground level onto the dock.

SuperLift for Superdrug

Superdrugs Croydon DC has replaced two conventional ramped docked levellers with two within dock double deck lorry loaders with a 6000Kg capacity. Greater versatility is provided by the lifts which have a platform suitable to handle 12 roll cages, the complete installation took just two days. The lifts are in constant use and provide uninterrupted service.

Convenience Assured

Night deliveries are now handled using Edmolift low profile lift tables at CoOp convenience stores nationwide. Roll cages are deposited in secure areas over night and then transferred to loading bay and store level using the lift table during open hours. A galvanised finish and sealed bellows guarantee long lasting durability.





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